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The 2018 Guide to Wealth

10 Ways to Lock in Profits in 2018

Making money in 2018 will be as easy as reaching out your hand and grabbing it. Recognizing the major investing themes that are ready to go and riding their momentum is the only way to go this year. While there’s major money to be made by correctly picking winners and losers, that can be the hardest thing to do with stocks. The easiest, smartest, and most financially rewarding way to play stocks and markets is by riding trends. Here’s what is moving stocks in 2018, and how to capitalize on these foresights… Click here to read more.


How-To Series:

Start Profiting with Options in Two Easy Steps

Today, it’s actually very easy to get started trading options. For one thing, it’s 2018 – not the 1990s, when trades could only be done over the phone, approval time took weeks, and commissions were sky-high. A lot has changed. Technology – and fierce competition for your investing dollar – means approvals can take just minutes, trades on liquid options can be completed instantaneously, and commissions are still sinking fast. That makes this the perfect time to get started. It really is incredibly easy… Click here to read more.